Australia - Free Live Webcams

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Webcam located at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia, here you will see a nice view of the stadium

Intersection of Maribyrnong and Yarra rivers

Webcam located at the junction of two Australian rivers, Yarra and Maribyrnong.


Webcam located at the Museum Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, they are in another area away from public display

Davis station

Davis is the most southerly Australian Antarctic station and is situated 2,250 nautical miles south-south-west of Perth, on the Ingrid Christensen Coast of Princess Elizabeth Land.

The Aegean Resort

The Aegean Resort is situated in the fabulous Surfers Paradise.


Here you can see some tarantulas which were illegally imported by spider smugglers and destined for private collections. They have feedings weekly on Friday at 3pm

Bojangles Saloon and Dining Room

Bojangles Saloon and Dining Room in Alice Springs, Australia, with Live Webcam offers fine dining, pub meals and live entertainment, open 7 days.

Narco Building

mechatronics lab

That is the mechatronics lab at the University of Western Australia

Tarantula cam

This cam shows an exotic collection of quarantined tarantulas

Dalmatian babies born cam

Dalmatian cam is situated in Canberra, Australia. We can see Dalmatian babies, there are 13 Dalmatian babies - 7 males & 6 females, and Mum (Delta).