Buildings webcams - Construction outdoor webcams

Buildings webcams show the most visited buildings of the entire world; you can watch the most popular and traditional buildings such as: Turin Cathedral, Saarbrucken Castle, New York city (air view of the city buildings) and many more. If you want to see the kind of architecture that is used in different countries, you are in the right place.

Saarbrücken Castle

View of the castle in Saarbrücken

Werhahnmühle webcam

The camera is in the office of the agency h2m installed and shows the Werhahnmühle.

Five boats

With dusk conquered the bright appearance of the Five Boats to the Inner Harbour.

Neuschwanstein Castle

New Swan Stone Castle is a 19th century Bavarian castle. Located in Germany, near Hohenschwangau and Füssen in southwest Bavaria.

Hotel Seminaris

A view of the Hotel Seminaris in Hermannsburg

Kapellplatz webcam

A view of the Kapellplatz, Chapel of the Miraculous Image, one of the most visited shrines in Germany

Bretagne webcam

The camera is located in Brittany, in Concarneau - souh Finistere, near the sea.


You see the Spree Center at St. Hellersdorfer / Cecilienstr. In the Berlin-Marzahn district of Hellersdorf


A view of a radio transmitters place in germany.

Library webcam

View from one of the windows of the main city library.

Borovets webcam

This webcam shows the view from our cosy chalet in the center of Borovets. The camera update every minute from 7am to 7pm.

Chalet Iskar webcam

This webcam shows the view from our cosy chalet in the center of Borovets. The camera updates every minute from 7am to 7pm, and then when motion is detected through the night.

Perslak webcam

A webcam located in front of the Hotel Persiak.

Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais

Ouro Preto is one of the most beautiful cities of Brazil, this cam is located in front of an interesting church.

Mondi-Holiday Webcam

A camera located in front of the Mondi-Holiday guest house