Buildings webcams - Construction outdoor webcams

Buildings webcams show the most visited buildings of the entire world; you can watch the most popular and traditional buildings such as: Turin Cathedral, Saarbrucken Castle, New York city (air view of the city buildings) and many more. If you want to see the kind of architecture that is used in different countries, you are in the right place.

Shreveport Convention Center Construction

The webcam provides views about Shreveport Convention Center Construction. Located in the heart of downtown, the 350,000 square foot

 The Royal Haciendas phases I and II

The Royal Haciendas in Cancun, see people vacationing in this resort.

Pelican Resort

Royal Resort in Cancun, a cam located near to the pool in the Pelican Resort.

Pelican Marina Residences

The Pelican Marina Residences with a front view in Cancun.

Pelican Marina Residences Cam

Pelican Marina Residences Cam with a Motor lobby View, excellent place to have vacations with all your family.

The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort

The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort in Cancun, a relaxing place if you want to visit this city, the cam has a view of the pool part of this resort.

The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort Cam

A strategica voew of the Royal Sea Aquarium Resort located in Cancun.


From the Chamber of Commerce, a view of the construction of the new Visitor's Centre

Salty Dog Cafe

A cam located in a cafe, funny views from people who visited this placed are showed in the photo archive.

Friday Harbor Tower Cam 2

View of the San Juan County Courthouse, Friday Harbor, Washington


This cam is located in front of the Max Josefs Platz at Rosenheim

Westwood Cam

This webcam overlooks Westwood Town Hall from the Ruhleman Building at the corner of Harrison and Montana avenues on the west side of Cincinnati.


This camera is brought to you by the city of Oswego.

Calhoun Sportwear

This is a live image of the Calhoun Sportwear's printing department, updated every 30 seconds.

North from Buchanan Tower

Through this cam you can see this beautiful tower