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FAUCONNET Ingénierie S.A. - Cafeteria

View of the cafeteria from FAUCONNET Ingénierie S.A., situated in Aix-en-Othe, France. FISA welcomes you to his training under studious and pleasant to the FOJEA.

The Gardens of Casino

View of the Gardens of Casino seen from Pavilion Charles Bertrand, France.

Alpen Sports

This cam shows how Alpen Sports are accomplished at Annecy in France

Place des Ardilliers

View the Place des Ardilliers in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a Territory of the French Republic located near the Southern shore of the Canadian island of Newfoundland.

Observatory de la Côte d'Azur

View the Observatory de la Côte d'Azur site de Calern

Liquor Store WebCam

See what happen in a Bottle Shop in France

Eiffel tower

A fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Evreux  webcam

The webcam is located in Evreux, Normandie in France, and the image is updated every 5 minutes.

Conservatoire National Wild Salmon

The fish live from the Observatory. The Conservatoire National Wild Salmon presents its achievements on the protection of salmon in the basin of the Loire and Allier.

Aberwrach Port  webcam

The Port of Aberwrac'h is managed by the ICC of Brest and this cam shows a good resolution image of this port.

Faucet webcam

View a faucet in France

Herbaudiere WebCam

This cam is located in front of boat port

Mairie dAthis-Mons

View of a parking zone and a main street in France

Veyrier du Lac

A nice view of Veyrier du Lac, Rive Plein Soleil, the landscape is simply fantastic and you can see the buildings of the city and part of a river.

La place de la liberte

This is a perfect view from La place de la liberté at Ville de Brest