Nature Webcams - Live wildlife nature cams

Nature webcams are those that show landscapes and different geographical accidents, such as: rivers, mountains, lakes, volcanoes, cascades, valleys, etc. Nature webcams also show gardens and many more. If you want to experience and watch a live show about nature, check the list below and you are going to be able to see nice and spectacular webcams.

Niagara Falls Webcam

Amazing views of the Niagara Falls, natural frontier between the United States and Canada.

Dourbie Valley

Webcam located in Cantobre, here you will have a nice view of Dourbie Valley.

Vaxholm Archipielago

Beaufiful view of the Vaxholm Archipielago, it is located in Stockholm.

Rainforest - Moody Gardens

Webcam located at Moody Gardens, Texas, USA. Here you will see an amazing rainforest recreation.


Webcam located at North Dakota, USA. Here you will see an amazing lake

Imbringen (Amber)

Webcam located at the small town of Imbringen, in central Luxembourg. Refreshes each 5 minutes approximately.

Amboseli National Park

Webcam displaying the Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Refreshes approximately each 4 minutes.

Bora Bora

Webcam located at Bora Bora, Frehcn Polynesia

Niagara Falls

Webcam displaying the Niagara Falls, it is located on the Marriot hotel.

Fisheye View Aquarium

Live webcam displaying an aquarium located in Coral Gables, Florida USA. Image refreshes each 15 seconds approx.

Life on the Columbia River

6 webcams streaming live images of the Columbia river in Portland, Oregon.

Ant Cam

Ant cam, located in the Natural History Museum of London

Self - Cleaning bahia cam

Amazing underwater view, Florida, USA

Dry Tortugas

Beautiful underwater view

American Falls

Enjoy viewing the American Falls from the Hilton Fallsview Hotel