Office Webcams - Web cameras places on workplaces

Are you working right now? Many companies are installing webcams in different areas inside and outside the building through these real-time web cameras can be viewed how a work day is for employees in technical, design, financial or marketing departments, commercial loan officer, providers, security or cleaning workers and also the day by day work of our boss.
Most of the installed webcams in this section are for commercial purposes in order to show the clients how efficient the company is or simply for security purposes.


View the office of the BasementWorld business, in the Cincinnati city, Ohio

WDNR webcam

View the student-run at FM broadcast radio station (WDNR) in the Widener University, Chester city

Dental Office

View a Dental Office at Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, Island of Japan

CMO Webcam1

View the office of CMO Internet Services GmbH in the Dettingen in the Erms, Germany

BZB Gymnasium - Rector's Office

Live in the office of the rector in the BZB Gymnasium, Basel city

Antenne studio webcam

View the Antenne Vorarlberg in the Dornbirn city, Austria. Antenne Vorarlberg is a terrestrial Radio Station FM

Saxon Technology Portal

View the showroom on-line of Saxon Business Systems in Miami Lakes city

SIP Storecam

View the Store-Cam at SIP Scootershop in the Landsberg city. Here you can come in and find out ...

SIP Warehouse 2

View the Warehouse-Cam II at SIP Scootershop in the Landsberg city. Here the spare parts and tuning are packaged and then are going to be shipped to you!

SIP Warehouse 1

View the Warehouse-Cam I at SIP Scootershop in the Landsberg city. Here the tons of spare parts and tuning wait for your order ...

Serverraum Cam 1

View the server-raum of URIDIUM

NETHUN society

View the cabinet of servers and the equipment racks of the NETHUN society.

Marketing and Web Team - Velocity

View the office of the Team of Marketing and Web

Networks - Velocity

View the office of Networks in the Velocity company

TESS Associates office

Interior view of TESS Associates' office focusing on the Novell 6.5 server, Windows 2003 R2 and rack-mounted network components.