Office Webcams - Web cameras places on workplaces

Are you working right now? Many companies are installing webcams in different areas inside and outside the building through these real-time web cameras can be viewed how a work day is for employees in technical, design, financial or marketing departments, commercial loan officer, providers, security or cleaning workers and also the day by day work of our boss.
Most of the installed webcams in this section are for commercial purposes in order to show the clients how efficient the company is or simply for security purposes.

KAM Technologies

Webcam located at the interior of KAM Technologies Office.

Sediul Info KAM Technologies

Webcam located at the interior of KAM Technologies Office

Towebs Hosting

View the people working. 24 hours. for you. This cam is located at Buenos Aires, Argentina

Conference Cam

Camera (3) has been relocated to the first floor roaster room. It is a very old logitec quickcam express USB camera so the image is not very good but it works

Riffster's Webcam

The image auto refreshes every 5-10 seconds or so.If you see no one there, wait a sec, he's probably getting coffee or something.

Buenos Aires

This cam shows people work at the office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Saxon Business Systems

Through this cam we can see many people working at Herndon.

Patrick's Place Up Close

Live webcam at Patrick's Office.

Patrick's Place Office

Webcam located in the Patrick's Office.

Radio Station 101.5

Webcam located in a radio station.

Pizza Cam1

Welcome to Pizza Romas WebCam Serving a Taste of Italy! You will see live shots of the restaurant.

Woak Cam - Production Room

This webcam looks through the glass panel that separates the production room from the studio. You can see some of the production room workstation in the foreground and beyond that is the studio where your favorite DJ might be working.

Woak Cam - Studio

Here you can see the main studio's console along with the support computers. There is one main computer with dual screens, and there is an auxiliary PC on the right that is used to decode audio streams for playback on the air.

Vehicular Control Office

All this people work at the Vehicular Control Office in Distrito Federal

Nerdman Show

Webcam in the office of a busy man, you can see what is he doing right now.