Office Webcams - Web cameras places on workplaces

Are you working right now? Many companies are installing webcams in different areas inside and outside the building through these real-time web cameras can be viewed how a work day is for employees in technical, design, financial or marketing departments, commercial loan officer, providers, security or cleaning workers and also the day by day work of our boss.
Most of the installed webcams in this section are for commercial purposes in order to show the clients how efficient the company is or simply for security purposes.

Manheim Realty Office

Through this cam you can see people working at Manheim Realty Office

Duke University - Sensor StudioCam 1

This cam shows the Duke Imaging and Spectroscopy Program at Duke University

Dental office webcam

This cam shows the Dental office at Hachinohe City

Deninet - Console room

View the Console room of Deninet Ltd., Budapest

X-Ray facility-Case

This is the X-Ray facility-Case Western Reserve University

Plusnet WebCam

This webcam shows how the people work at Plusnet, that is located in Sheffield.


Webcam in a eguptia office, see what people do inside this room.

BBC London Radio Studio 2

Webcam inside a radio studio in London, see what are doing the djs.

Studio Webcam

Have you ever wondered what your favourite Capital DJs get up to in the studio? Wonder no more, because you can see them and their celebrity guests live in the Leicester Square studios 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Business WebCam

See how are the business here.

Live studio cam

This webcam image alternates between the BBC Radio Leeds studios in Leeds and the BBC Radio Leeds studio in Bradford, depending on where the programme is broadcasting from. You can watch the presenters, producers and guests at work.

Office in Edinburgh

Merchiston Campus, Jack Kilby Computing Centre, Napier Univ

Framing Shop

Live webcam located in the state of Minnesota, city of Minneapolis - USA.

Equiflor Corp

Equiflor Corp, located in the state of Florida, city of Miami - USA.

Doug Auer - Third Degree Glass Factory

Live webcam situated in the state of Missouri, city of St Louis, United States