Public Webcams - Public places web cameras

Lately webcams are very popular and they are everywhere. They show different things; from popular stadiums to restaurants and bars, pubs, streets, commercial centers, stores, etc that are located in the most famous cities. Here you will find these kinds of webcams; take a look to them; they are pretty cool.

Lolo Pass

Lolo Pass Camera is located in Lolo Pass, a Mountian pass on the border of Idaho and Montana.The lolo Pass has an elevation of 5,233 feet.


Onderstaande webcam is geplaatst op het Gemeentehuis in Hulst, er zijn meerdere posities waartussen de camera regelmatig zal wisselen.

Cafe and Gas tation

This Idaho web cam is located on the corner of Hwy 2 heading east towards Montana and Hwy 95 heading North to Canada. The 3 Mile gas station and cafe is one of boundary county's busiest gas stations and always has lots of activity to see.

3rd Street Promenade

This live webcam is looking down at the popular Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California.

Rekoja Place

Geneva, Switzerland. Rekoja Place Tartu, Estonia. Leicester Square.


Enjoy viewing this webcam in Octagon Dunedin in New Zealand. It is considered to be one of the four main urban centres of New Zealand for historic, cultural, and geographic reasons.

Christmas Everywhere

Merry Christmas to everyone

Hotel de Ville

Enjoy viewing the life in this Hotel de Ville

Comune di Benevento

La webcam è stata installata presso il Teatro Comunale ed inquadra 24 ore su 24 l’area comprendente la piazza antistante, il campanile e la facciata della chiesa di S.

Temple of Olympic Zeus

The building of the Temple of Olympian Zeus actually began in the 6th Century by Peisistratos but work was stopped either because of a lack of money or because Pisistratus's son, Hippias, was overthrown in 510 BC.

Isola di Procida

Veduta del porto di Marina Grande dall'Istituto Nautico Caracciolo. Il progetto di monitoraggio e di promozione è stato attivato da Procida.

Salerno - Il Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Salerno - Il Corso Vittorio Emanuele - "Luci d'artista 2011" Servizio attivato dal Comune di Salerno -

Bar Cool Salou

Enjoy viewing the life in this bar, you can see all about people and their activities.

German Historical Museum

The German Historical Museum is a museum in Berlin devoted to German history and defines itself as a place of enlightenment and understanding of the shared history of Germans and Europeans.

Veduta di Chitignano (Arezzo) - Toscana

Chittoor (Arezzo) is located approximately 600 meters above sea level on a buttress of the Alpe di Catenaia and has about 950 inhabitants. Its history dates back to ancient times and in medieval times was Ubertini.