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Lixuri - The Harbour Area

Lixuri is a quiet and friendly city, situated south on Paliki peninsula, of which is the capital. The main square is 'Platia Ethnikis Antistasis' and is surrounded by many cafes and bars, full of animation.

Flisvos Sportclub - St. George beach

View at St. George beach from the Beach Cafe, Naxos, Greece

South Beach Marina Village

Beautiful views from South Beach Marina Village. Explore South Beach from your desktop by steering this camera.

University of Manchester

This cam is situated into the cafe snack of the University of Manchester

Babbacombe Beach Dive Centre

This camera is situated on the roof of our cafe/dive centre overlooking the beach at Babbacombe in beautiful South Devon. Babbacombe is situated on the Northern edge of Torbay and easliy accessable from Torquay Harbour.

Sam Anchor Cafe

The Sam's Anchor Cafe Cam in Tiborun. Webcam live from Tiborun, California

Germany - City Cafe

View indoor of the City Cafe in Germany

Inside Jazzman's Cafe'

This is located at Arkansas State University, Jazzman's Cyber Cafe

Heeren van Beijerland Cafe Cam

See how the people have fun in this cafe, that is located at Rotterdam

Cafe Bar

This cam provides views of this Cafe Bar in Tallinn

FAUCONNET Ingénierie S.A. - Cafeteria

View of the cafeteria from FAUCONNET Ingénierie S.A., situated in Aix-en-Othe, France. FISA welcomes you to his training under studious and pleasant to the FOJEA.

TrinCafe Computer Lab

The Trinfo.Cafe provides a wide variety of programs and services

Jena University - Media Technology

Look the cafeteria and mountains from the Media Technology edifice, in the Jena University of Applied Sciences, Jena city, Thuringia state, Germany