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Gran Canaria cam

The webcam is in the office in the Shopping Center Sonnenland. You can see Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles.

Vordergasse WebCam

This cam is located at Schaffhausen city, Switzerland.

Cultural District webcam atop the Benedum Center

This cam shows Cultural District webcam atop the Benedum Center, and many people enter in.

Getteron webcam

The webcam is located on an island in the middle of the bay and can be installed by the visitor center from acting. To the breeding period granted them fascinating glimpses of the bird life - it is then directly on nests of Säbelschnäblern or Lachmöwen.

Surf Center WebCam

See the night time Egypt beach, nice during the day , also nice to see a bit of sunshine on a cold day. This cam is located in Dahab, South Sinai.

Wired New York Cam 2

The view is south-east, with Empire State Building in the center, New York Times Tower on the left, Metropolitan Tower and Nelson Tower on the right.

University of Arizona - Agriculture Center

This is the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center at University of Arizona


You see the Spree Center at St. Hellersdorfer / Cecilienstr. In the Berlin-Marzahn district of Hellersdorf

ETH main building center

View the ETH main building center in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

Chalet Iskar webcam

This webcam shows the view from our cosy chalet in the center of Borovets. The camera updates every minute from 7am to 7pm, and then when motion is detected through the night.

Town center Webcam

This cam show the town center in Hov city, Norway.

Webcam Radstadt Stadtplatz II

A nice view of a building in the center of a square in Austria.

Alvbacken camera

This webcam shows the Älvbacken with a view over the river, in the Vindelns Alpine Center

operation 9: Live View of Chicago

Located in Chicago, IL, this camera faces nearby downtown - primarily the Sears Tower, which can be usually be seen a bit left of center in the image.

New York Cam

This cam started it's operation from a new location at the Orion building on 4/14/2007. The view is south-east, with Empire State Building in the center, New York Times Tower on the left, Nelson Tower and Metropolitan Toweron the right.