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Sentrum webcam

Sentrum, meaning 'City Centre', is a division of the city of Oslo, Norway, consisting of the city centre, which mainly includes offices and businesses.

University of Manitoba - Canada

Look at the University of Manitoba, University Centre (Students' Union) - Canada, Through this camera.

Technical University of Darmstadt

The webcam, the castle on the bell tower mounted and shows the site of the TU-City Centre. In the middle of the hall building to see other buildings behind the TU-city centre (S1 / 02 and S1 / 03).

Pajala - Centre junction

View the Centre junction at Pajala city, Sweden

University Centre

View the University Centre (Students' Union) in the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg city, Canada.

University of Sunderland - Informatics Centre

This cam shows the Informatics Centre from University of Sunderland. View the Computer Terraces.

Erwin Schrodinger Centre

View the Erwin Schrödinger Centre in the Humboldt University, Berlin

Naples centre

The camera is positioned on one of the terraces of houses in the historic centre of Naples. The view eastward framework Vesuvius in all its majesty in the center of Naples.

Congress hotels - Darmstadt

The webcam is on the administrative building of the TUD installed. This Webcam is manageable and allows a view from the site of the Science and Congress Centre and Congress hotels to the site of the Technical University of Darmstadt.


The webcam Meteosauze, is a Mobotix M10 installed in the centre of Sauze d'Oulx, on the roof of the same building where the unit is installed weather.