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Five boats

With dusk conquered the bright appearance of the Five Boats to the Inner Harbour.

Osteroder WebCam

View of a main street in Osteroder

Chicken webcam 2

See the movements of a group of chickens with this cam.

St.Martin church tower RuselbergstraBe

This cam provides view of the St.Martin church tower Ruselbergstraße in Deggendorf Bavaria

Altötting webcam

Altötting is a town in Bavaria, capital of the district Altötting. This cam shows a panoramic view of this city.

Duisburg-Essen University - KFH13 classroom

View KFH13 classroom from Duisburg-Essen University, Duisburg city, Germany

derago - Entrance

View of the entrance to derago edifice, Lottstetten, Germany. Derago is a company of mobil software.

Business Tower

There is a view of Sebaldos church and Lorenz church, a parking area in front of the building is algo captured by the cam.


A view of the Seminaris Hotel in Lüneburg city.

Erwin Schrodinger Centre

View the Erwin Schrödinger Centre in the Humboldt University, Berlin

Von Bad Soden-Salmünster

Glance at Castle Stolzenberg, St. Lawrence Church and the park

Reichsburg webcam

This view is seen from our Reichsburg and Kurfürstensuite Suite

Kapellplatz webcam

A view of the Kapellplatz, Chapel of the Miraculous Image, one of the most visited shrines in Germany

One Advertising AG

View a office in Muenchen, Germany

Jena University - Media Technology

Look the cafeteria and mountains from the Media Technology edifice, in the Jena University of Applied Sciences, Jena city, Thuringia state, Germany