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Enjoy this beautiful view of Christchurch city in New Zealand, also know as the Garden City

TVNZ Weather

This camera is sited on top of Radio House in Cumberland Street. It can show the city from a range of angles and the image appears on the One News weather broadcast.

Tauranga beach

Live images of the Mount Maunganui main beach.

Road Exchange CentrePort

This webcam displays the Road Exchange located at the CentrePort in Wellington, New Zealand.

Aotea Quay CentrePort

Webcam located at the Aotea Quay CentrePort in Wellington, New Zealand.


Enjoy viewing this webcam in Octagon Dunedin in New Zealand. It is considered to be one of the four main urban centres of New Zealand for historic, cultural, and geographic reasons.

Port of Lyttelton

Webcam located in New Zealand, it displays the Port of Lyttelton