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Jahnplatz, Bielefeld

Webcam located in Bielefeld, Germany. It displays a plaza called Jahnplatz.

Ludenscheid - Rathausplatz

View of the Rathausplatz in the Lüdenscheid city. Lüdenscheid is a town in the Märkischer Kreis district, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


This cam is located in front of the Max Josefs Platz at Rosenheim

Aeroclub at Flugplatz

Nice camera from Aeroclub Osnabrück at Flugplatz Osnabrück Atterheide

Flugplatz Schäferhaus

View of Flugplatz Schäferhaus in Flensburg, Germany

Sandplatz WebCam

This cam is situated in front of Sandplatz in Meran, Italy

Kronplatz webcam

Live Webcam from Kronplatz - Looking for Bruneck

Achern Webcam

Look at the Rathausplatz Acherner

Webcam Radstadt Stadtplatz II

A nice view of a building in the center of a square in Austria.

Marktplatz Lofer

A quiet square somewhere in Lofer, Austria

Kapellplatz webcam

A view of the Kapellplatz, Chapel of the Miraculous Image, one of the most visited shrines in Germany

Marktplatz Lavamünd

Here is a picture of LIVE Lavamünd marketplace. As this perspective was elected public place

Webcam Rathausplatz

The Rathausplatz is one of the main attractions of melk district in Austria.

Großparkplatz Lofer

Webcam in front of a parking zone, part of a security system.

Wieberplatz webcam

The webcam offers a look at the Catholic town house on Wieberplatz. There is also the Catholic Education Association.