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Science and Congress Centre Darmstadt

The webcam, the castle on the bell tower-mounted displays and the site of the Science and Congress Centre City corner ring and Alexander Street. Technical University of Darmstadt

The University of Iowa

This cam is located at University of Iowa - IIHR- Hydroscience & Engineering

Argonne National Laboratory

This cam is located at Chicago

Science and Congress Centre in the Technical University of Darmstadt

The Webcam 5 is on the administrative building of the TUD installed. This Webcam is hinged and allows a view of the Alexander street on the site of the Science and Congress Centre to the City Square.

Arrival Heights

This webcam is situated at the Arrival Heights Research Laboratory and looks towards a United States science facility and Mt Erebus beyond.

Marshall University - Sensors city

View the Sensors city at Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia

Laramie Weather Cam

Looking northwest over Laramie, Wyoming from the Atmospheric Science Department located on the top floor of the Engineering Building at the University of Wyoming.

Jena University of Applied Sciences

This webcam is located on Jena University of Applied Sciences, Jena city, Thuringia state, Germany


Looking into the southern direction. The Mt Jacquinot is 474 m high. The mountain is for us an indicator for flight-weather.

Labor ATR - HAW

View the laboratory of ATR and HAW at the Fachhochschule Amberg-Weiden, University of Applied Sciences.

Nieuwland Science Hall Construction

A particle accelerator is being constructed in Nieuwland Science Hall. The construction should be completed by late fall of 2011.

Science World - Our World gallery

View the Our World Gallery at the Science World. Through colourful, bright and imaginative exhibitory. TELUS World of Science, Vancouver, Canada

Beyond Blastoff

Beyond Blastoff: Surviving in Space! That's a real Soyuz space capsule. Come and see it in person!

Telescope Control Panel

View the Telescope Control Panel of Theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Tuebingen

UT Applied Computational Engineering and Sciences bldg

This cam is located at The University of Texas at Austin campus