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Wachuset Mountain

A cam in Wachuset Mountain Ski Area in Princeton.

Belvedere webcam

A view of a group of mountains that are a great narural landscape and also a ski area.

Haugesunds Avis - Sauda Ski-anlegg

Sauda ski area, (skisenter) is a scenic and snow-rich slalom arena located in a mountain above Saudasjøen only about 5 kilometers from Sauda city center, (downtown) in Norway.

Buffaure webcam

View of the group of mountains known as Buffaure, in Trento. A ski area can be seen at the right side.

Ski Area in Kasberg - Grunau

View the ski area in Grünau/Kasberg in Austria.

Pista Stelvio

The Pista Stelvio, View from Bormio to 1225 m. A nice ski area.

Webcam Gastein

Gastein ski area: look in the direction of racetrack Haitzingalm. Looking from the Haitzingalm (1750m) in the direction of Southwest. In the middle of the target hut Haitzingalm racetrack.

Col del Lin webcam

A ski area in the most fantastic mountains of Campitello di Fassa, Trento.

Pista Stelvio

View of a ski area from Bormio to 1225 m.

Lammertal Valley Webcam 2

Webcam Karkogel Bergstation, another view of a webcam in a ski area in Salzburg

Antholz webcam 1

A ski area in Antholz.


A great view of a mountain located in Italy, a ski area.