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The camera is placed on the Bergens Tidende building in Krinkelkroken, and shows the view of towards Ole Bulls plass and Torgallmenningen.

House Console Camera

This camera server is located in the home of the owners in downtown Charleston. The system is a old PII-400 with an STB video capture card for CATV or NTSC feeds.

La plage - Camping Le Soleil

Argelès sur mer - Webcam en direct La plage - Camping Le Soleil

Camping Les Marsouins

Argelès sur mer - webcam en direct - Camping les Marsouins. La piscine chauffée ! Un avant goût des vacances d'Avril à Septembre, soleil et baignade.

Deninet - Console room

View the Console room of Deninet Ltd., Budapest

Woak Cam - Studio

Here you can see the main studio's console along with the support computers. There is one main computer with dual screens, and there is an auxiliary PC on the right that is used to decode audio streams for playback on the air.

Veyrier du Lac

A nice view of Veyrier du Lac, Rive Plein Soleil, the landscape is simply fantastic and you can see the buildings of the city and part of a river.

Escorzo de forio

View from Poggio del Sole, with a shot on the coast of Forio d'Ischia.