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House Console Camera

This camera server is located in the home of the owners in downtown Charleston. The system is a old PII-400 with an STB video capture card for CATV or NTSC feeds.

LAB Capture CAM

This video feed server is located in my office lab in downtown Charleston. The system is a PII-350 with an STB video capture card for NTSC feeds and at present has a mini NTSC camera attached.

Giant  Cockroaches

These giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (Gromphadorhina portentosa) at the University of South Carolina are excellent mothers, at least for an insect! The females carry their developing embryos inside their abdomens to protect them from predators.

Myrtle Beach

Watch from an ideal vantage point above as tourists enjoy the sand and surf of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina's famous Atlantic Ocean resort.

Salty dog Webcam

Security webcam in a parking zone.

USC Roach Cam

The image is grabbed from a STAR DOT Technologies NETCAM network webcam and uploaded to a surplus PC running LINUX.

Salty Dog Cafe

A cam located in a cafe, funny views from people who visited this placed are showed in the photo archive.

The Circle - Erskine College

This cam provides views about Erskine College at Due West

Winthrop University - Quad camera

This web cam is mounted in Bancroft Hall, facing north toward Byrnes Auditorium on the central campus.

Myrtle Beach

WebCam in Myrtle Beach US 17 And SC 707

South Beach Marina Village

Beautiful views from South Beach Marina Village. Explore South Beach from your desktop by steering this camera.

Lois Rhame West Center

This cam shows to the Lois Rhame West Health, Physical Education and Wellness Center

Conference Cam

Camera (3) has been relocated to the first floor roaster room. It is a very old logitec quickcam express USB camera so the image is not very good but it works

Holmstown/Glenns Bay Road

Myrtle Beach US 17 And Holmstown/Glenns Bay Road

Beach Cove Cam