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Beach Ondarreta, San Sebastian

View the Ondarreta beach from Restaurant Branka, where it is installed the magnificent sculpture, the Comb of the Wind, San Sebastian, Spain

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands (Spanish Islas Canarias) are an archipelago of Spain consisting of seven islands of volcanic origin in the Atlantic Ocean. They are located off the north-western coast of Africa.


This beach cam gives a close up webcam view of the beach conditions at one of Spain’s top holiday resorts.

Puerto del Carmen Beach

La Casa de La Playa Restaurant", eat fresh fish and seafood right beside the beach!. La Garita Beach, Arrieta , Lanzarote North

Traffic webcams of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

These webcams show the traffic over Command Marina (1), Left by Ravines (2), Avenue Manuel Hermoso (3) and Left for May 3 (4) from Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Comandancia Marina

View the traffic over Comandancia Marina from Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Gran Canaria webcam

The webcam is installed in our diving center in Arguineguin, with a view to our pool and the Atlantic Ocean and the Arguineguin Marine.

Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope - MAGIC 1 Webcam

The MAGIC webcams provide views of the MAGIC Telescopes at La Palma, Canary Islands.

Webcam Almeria

View of Almería, webcam located in the NE zone of the city.

Club Nautic Port de la Selva - Quay B and C

View the quay B and C, of the Club Nàutic Port de la Selva, in Gerona, Spain

Santa Margarita Roses

Live view of Santa Margarita beach from a webcam located in a hotel.

Mallorca webcam

Webcam located in Mallorca island, a popular tourist destination. In Germany and the United Kingdom, it has become a synonym for mass tourism.

Las Galletas

Location: Playa de Las Vistas, in Los Cristianos, Arona.

Benasque webcam

Through this cam you can see a typical building, the "Plaza del Ayuntamiento" in Benasque.

Anteplaza webcam

Webcam located in the Anteplaza, Cuenca, Spain. In the Anteplaza we will observe the Convent of the "Santísimas Esclavas of the Santísimo Sacramento", popularly well-known as "Las Blancas".