Webcam Search Results: terrace

Hotel Forum Rome

The Hotel Forum Rome are pleased to present the views from their roof top terrace, from their recently installed webcam. You can click on the different views which show the Colosseum, Piazza Venezia and most importantly the Roman Forum.

Heeren van Beijerland - Terrace camera

Live webcam focused on the terrace outside the bar inside in the Heeren van Beijerland, located at Rotterdam

Hotel de Plataan - Terrace

View of the terrace seen from the hotel. The hotel is situated in the historical centre of Delft, Netherlands

Vanderbilt University - Rand Terrace

The live cam provides images about the Rand Terrace in the Vanderbilt University, Nashville city

Mene Grande

Webcam located in the terrace of the Mene Grande building, Caracas, Venezuela.

Castello Aragonese

Image taken from the terrace of the Dolphins, Carataromana (Ischia Ponte). The frame includes: the background Castello Aragonese and more 'in the foreground, the "famous" rocks of Sant'Anna.

 Wolfgangsee webcam

The webcam is arguably situated at the most interesting point of Lake Wolfgang. The camera is mounted above our Rössl terrace and pointed directly at Lake Wolfgang.

University of Sunderland - Informatics Centre

This cam shows the Informatics Centre from University of Sunderland. View the Computer Terraces.

Naples centre

The camera is positioned on one of the terraces of houses in the historic centre of Naples. The view eastward framework Vesuvius in all its majesty in the center of Naples.

Mondseeland webcam

Look at the "Mondsee". Directly from the panoramic terrace, Most wine taverns and inns "RIESNERHOF"