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Scott Base

The Scott Base camera looks out towards the vehicle hitching rail and the pressure ridges.

Nieuwland Science Hall Construction

A particle accelerator is being constructed in Nieuwland Science Hall. The construction should be completed by late fall of 2011.

Indian Springs School - Technology Lab

View the Technology Lab. Live webcam in Indian Springs high School, United States

Beyond Blastoff

Beyond Blastoff: Surviving in Space! That's a real Soyuz space capsule. Come and see it in person!


A view of Stonington Harbor from the Island Ad-Vantages office.

Draper's Bee Cam

Honeybees 'bee'vering away in a glass observation hive.


One star. Nine planets. More than 100 moons. Millions of asteroids. Billions of comets. Come and explore our home, the Solar System, in the new exhibit, Solar-Go-Round!

Purdue University - 2nd Floor ME Lab

View the 2nd Floor ME Lab. Live webcam in Lafayette, United States