Traffic Webcams - Live traffic video cameras

Here you are going to find traffic webcams of all over the world; these traffic webcams show a live video where you can check if there is any traffic in a specific street. These cameras are useful because people can realize how traffic jams can be; therefore, they will be able to take any possible solutions and prevent any traffic problems.

Province of Gelderland

View traffic in the province of Gelderland

Golden Gate Bridge

View of one of the main highways in this city.

Bay Bridge

Webcam located in Bay Bridge.

San Mateo Bridge

View of San Mateo Bridge in California

Dublin highway

Webcam located in Valley Christian School.

Walnut Creek Highway

View of Walnut Creek: 24 at 680

Albany: I-580 at I-80

View of Albany highway

Hercules: NB I-80 at Hwy 4

Courtesy of Sycamore Hills By The Bay Senior Apts.

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

View of Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, located in San Francisco Bay in California, connecting Richmond on the east to San Rafael on the west end.

Oakland: I-880

View From Coliseum area

San Jose: Hwy 87 Downtown

View of San Jose Highway, webcam located at the top of a building

San Jose: I-280 at I-880

View of San Jose highway in California

Mill Valley: Hwy 101

View of Mill valley highway in California.

SFO: Hwy 101

View of a highway in San Francisco, California

Four traffic webcams simultaneously

View four traffic webcams simultaneously at Taiwan