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Here you are going to find traffic webcams of all over the world; these traffic webcams show a live video where you can check if there is any traffic in a specific street. These cameras are useful because people can realize how traffic jams can be; therefore, they will be able to take any possible solutions and prevent any traffic problems.

5th Avenue, 23 Street

Webcam located in the 5th avenue, 23 street of New York city.

Prince George

John Hart Bridge WebCam Image sponsored by NRS Engineering Ltd. & ABC Communications

Glenn Highway Weigh Station

This camera is located approximately eight miles from Anchorage at the Glenn Highway Weigh Station, pointed west, toward Anchorage and almost 11 miles from the base site.

Detroit Tunnel  webcam

See the Windsor/Detroit Tunnel and traffic in windsor city,canada

Commonwealth University Campus

Virgin Commonwealth University Campus. From the top of the Broad and Belvidere Apartments, the Broad Street Ramcam provides live views of Broad Street as well as the Technology Administration Building.

Internetowa na katowickie rondo

Internetowa na katowickie rondo

Akashi  Webcam

Japanese cam located in a high point to see the traffic in this street.

Friday Harbor Ferry Cam

This shot is of Lot A only - on busy days (summer) Lot B and C will most likely be loading. Friday Harbor is a very popular destination.

Rochester New York Wecam

You are viewing Rochester NY Weather on "The Ave" Monroe Ave. Rochester's hottest club, restaurant, shopping, and cultural salad bowl.

Whistler Highway Camera

Cam located in the Whistler Highway, British Columbia.


Gander, Newfoundland, Canada Trans Canada Highway, Route # 1, Looking West


Cabarete street, webcam located at the top of a buidling in Dominican Republic.

Daireaux webcam

A view of a street in Daireaux, Argentina.

Porkorit Kapu

Webcam showng the traffic in a street, you can have remote control of the cam.

DRSC Miklavz

See the traffic at Miklavž, Slovenia. Slovenian Roads Agency (Direkcije Republike Slovenije za ceste) is a body within the Ministry of Transport.