Alaska - Live internet Webcams

Mount Susitna (Sleeping Lady)

The Hilton Hotel roof provides this view of one of the more famous Anchorage landmarks. Mount Susitna is about 10 air miles west of Anchorage across the Cook Inlet and rises to an elevation of 4,396 feet above sea level.

McGrath, Alaska

This camera is located in "Downtown McGrath" on McGuire Drive. It shows the Penair Ticket Counter / Hotel McGrath B&B in the foreground. The dirt on the left is the airport apron, currently under construction.

McGrath, Alaska - Airport Ramp

This view is of the Airport Ramp area and points North-North-West. Penair unloads near the small planes and Northern Air Cargo unloads directly in front of the camera.

Anchorage weather

High reslution webcam of Anchorage weather, gives many details of temperature and others.

PedroBay - Lake Iliamna

The Athabascan village of Pedro Bay has a winter population of 65 (2005-2006), the summer population is much higher with people returning to put up subsistence smoked salmon and pick berries for the winter.

Fairbanks WebCam

This cam is located in front of Satterlee Square Park Cam


We here at the News-Miner hope that you enjoy both the camera overlooking the Cushman Street bridge in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Mt McKinley Cam

Live Image looking North from the roof of the ACS Building in Anchorage. On a clear day watch for Mt McKinley (Denali), the highest mountain in North America, standing at 20,320'. Mt McKinley is over 120 air miles North of Anchorage.

Polar Bear Cam

This cam is located in front of polar bear's cave in a zoo of Alaska